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Power Recline
Lane has three easy ways to enjoy leaning back at the touch of a button: the Power Zero Proximity Wall Saver? mechanism, which allows you to make a fist with your hand and place the recliner that close to the wall; the Power Zero Gravity? Rocker Recliner, with its sought-after rocking motion; ?and the Power Easy Glide Recliner, which offers simple, soothing comfort. Each recliner brings you a full range of motion with almost no effort on your behalf.

Massage + Heat
Two-motor massage and heat available on Gliders (-95), Wall Savers? (-97), and Rocker Recliners (-98).
Massage and Heat CANNOT be combined with power on recliners.

Can’t sit still? Take Lane’s swivel-motion option for a spin. Now, you can lean back as well as twirl your seat to face friends, the TV, or even a nearby window. ?Relaxation just got a whole lot easier.